Laguna Seca race report


Friday started out cold and foggy, the track was cold but lucky I knew the track so I wasn't worried about track conditions. I ended the first practice session in 13th, I wasn't really pushing because it was first session out. We made a gearing change for qualifying 1 but it didn't help as much as we thought it would and I ended the session in 10th. We made quite a few changes to the bike, new tires, dropped the front end, fixed a front wheel problem that was causing chattering on the brakes, and put a stiffer rear spring on.


Saturday morning I was out first at 8:00 am, it wasn't a foggy as Friday morning and the tracks condition was cold but not damp like Friday morning. Nobody thought we were going to go faster in this morning session than we did Friday afternoon but everybody went quicker and the changes we did fixed a lot of the issues I was having and I was able to finish 9th in the session but I was still qualified in 10th because the 9th place  rider had a faster time Friday than I did Saturday morning. While waiting for my race at 4:00pm I got a visit from Leon Camier & back Vaclav Burger it was pretty awesome to talk with him about the track and his team and how he was out riding with Sam Knox and a bunch of other Supermoto friends. It was really cool to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in awhile because of traveling. I got a very nice visit from lee block with racer gloves, very happy to be back with lee and the racer glove team. When my race came around I felt I could run with the leaders. I got a great start from 10th and I was 5th going in to turn 2. Hayden Schultz had an unfortunate low side in turn 2 and I am sooo happy I didn't hit him. I was slotted into 4th going into turn 3, I came into turn 4 and little hot and ran off track. Luckily from supermoto background I was able to keep it up right after a couple tank slappers though the dirt, I lost about 8-9 positions once I got back on track. I could see the leaders already starting to pull away. I put my head down and gained 8 spots back by the end of the first lap and was 5th coming across the line. By lap 2 I was in 4th. I could see the leader an. I knew I had to get into 3rd if I wanted to catch him. End of lap 4 I made the pass into 3rd. I started to pull away when I made a mistake on lap 7. 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th caught me, the pole sitter got ran off track in turn two and so I knew he was coming I just wasn't expecting him to come by in that part of the track. I was now in 4th and struggling to keep the bike underneath me. I started to battle with 5th and 6th, it was back an fourth every corner. Coming to the last lap I knew my only choice was to wait and try to make a pass out of turn 11. I knew the rider in 6th was going to try and make a pass on me into 11 so I rolled off a little early letting him by, he got his bike slowed down a lot quicker than I expected and i had to check up a little bit before I could dive under him on the exit. I was able to get past him and I got into the draft of 4th place but I was just a little bit to slow. I finished in 5th by 0.030. All in all it was a good race weekend for me and I am looking forward to New Jersey in September. The racing Sunday was awesome. The last race of the day was a big tragedy. Losing two very talented riders from Spain. It was one of the worst crashes I have ever seen and i am deeply saddened for the families of the two riders. 


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